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    I have played 25+ hours BB, and have had it up to here with the escort caravan missions. The idea is good, the rewards are balanced and I often enjoy the opportunity to travel far.

    But, the incessant clicking needed to follow the caravan drives me nuts. I have spent so much time clicking juuust the right distance in front of the caravan. This plus the countless times I’ve lost the caravan and have been forced to reload and considering that only about every other caravan is ambushed, makes the very act of following the caravan nothing byt needless busywork. Please, please, please make a simple way to auto-follow the caravan, like double-clicking on it or ctrl+click or whatever! I know this is a minor issue, but it also seems like a very quick thing to implement and I truly think that it would severely reduce one of the main sources of annoyance in the game.

    Avatar photoSleepyJosus

    Totally agree with this. Once my band is around level 5-6 I stop taking escort missions altogether just because they’re so tedious, and the rewards hardly seem worth it compared to just hunting down random enemy camps in the wilderness.

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