Topic: For now is BB really a tactic game?

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    I dont know if 1.1 will change the current situation, it’s pretty frustrated now.

    First I am now playing more than 1300hs and have gone through hundreds of campaign, So plez dont say I havent known about the whole game thank you. Also I have to appologize for my pretty poor ENG.

    OK, I have palying this game since 0.7 I dont really know why the game have to come to be like the shape now it seems? It’s a really relatively balanced real tactic game in 0,7 or 0,9, but a fully RPG game in 1.0.

    Here are the personally thought irrational point devs have changed from 0,7 – 1.0 or 0.9 to 1.0. Restricted by resource maybe not the whole thing, beg your pardon.

    1.Introduce veteren level above lv11.
    2.Nerf the goul by HP but increase by amount.
    3.Gain XP much faster than 0.9.
    4.revised dodge.
    5.Increase the damage efficiency for spear wall.
    6.introduce new mechanism when entering surrounded enemy’s zone to lower their moral.(Not to blame, but now when nerfed enemey’s ability to lower BB’S moral it’s only a welfare for player)
    7.Verteran lv to exacerbate astronomical stats.
    8.Introducing black monolith and goblin city which cant be won by tactic.
    9.Enhancing goblin to make goblin too strong, orc too weak.
    10. Remove waiting turn penalty in 1.0.05

    So next I will explain that’s why I get those conclusion.

    1. Morale system too unfair for brigand, in 0.9 it’s fair to AI and player but now? A newbee lv 1 could scare brigand leader to run. Surrounding a leader and push him to surround like a ball once and once again is much much better than kill him directly.

    2.Actually background is too much not balanced now. Exagerated enough, maybe peasent is the best background.

    Why? So we take a easy comparation between peasent and sellsword.

    If they two have same talent, i.e will gain same stats from lv up. So the difference at lv1 will be the difference at any lv.

    If we are trying to build a heavy 2hander, i.e ranged skill and ranged dedence relatively not important.
    What the difference at lv1?

    Peasent:10 more hp than sellaword 20 more fatigue than sellsword.

    Sellsword:5 more resolve, 10 melee skill, 8 melee defence than peasent.

    So as most stats taken for lv up, fatogue, melee skill and defence, at lv11:

    Peasent: 87 melee skill, 35 melee denfence 160 fatigue.

    Sellsword: 97 melee skill, 43 melee defence 140 fatigue.
    (default as 2 star to eliminate RNG)
    So at lv11 sellsword is much better even if their salary is double. That make sense.

    But at lv 21?
    Peasent 94 melee skill 45melee defence 160fatigue
    sellsword 104 skill and 53 defemce 140 fatigue

    So which is better?
    I dont really know there should have veteran lv, it’s completely irrational and really unfair for senior but more expensive background.

    3.Weapon not balanced Spear wall become too strong, before it’s only 50% damage may not enough but now 90% too crazy! I would choose to repel a ghoul and make a spear wall to have 4 90% efficiency free attack rather directly attack twice. Too foolish! I have made a suggesion to lower militia spear’s damage and they accept. I dont know why they need to strengthen spear again, it’s only defensive weapon while now when using a double grip militia spear you can deal even as high as 1000 damage in a single battle. Pretty crazy!
    I see most experienced player are makeing a full spear front team before day 20. Why, spear too strong, other weapon are not only junk but also cost too much fatigue.
    BB are going from tactic game to fully RNG game, pretty boring.

    4.Why remove penalty for waiting in turn?
    Why remove this mechanism? It’s really the core factor for BB along the way that BB have a dynamic turn order. Now I could just let everyone because of none penalty, but I have too many benefit.
    1.To wait ally to surround to gain hit chance bonus.
    2.To wait to avoid stunning charge to come, if you do not do so you will have your next turn wasted.
    3.Act later is alwasy better, to change formaiton due to enemy’s movement.
    4.IF you have enough high initiative it seems you can act twice in a row. Like when you have 140 initia, you wait to make 2 slash to a necrosavent in turn one and will also act earlier than necrosavent in turn two, I think the dead necrosavent is pretty much unhappy.
    5.What’s most important, AI donot have enough wisedom, if they all also wait turn, what will happen?

    6. Infinate stats, old problem, I dont want to repear it anymore. Pretty boring for latter game and make shield of no use.

    Actually I pesonally think a maximun of 20 base defence is enough. Consistantly enemy’s amount should be reduced, it’s only a waste of time to battle against 30+ or 40+ opponent and the calculating for tactic is painful.

    7. Same enemy with different weapon is two kind of enemy!

    leader with 230armor and war hammer is a real threat but leader with 230 armor and boar spear is only a welfare.

    markman with crossbow is pretty much deadly while with bow is a welfare.

    Same with orc young and skirmirsher.

    Most important, there even dont have a parameter to shape enemy team, it could be 3 crossbow or short bow just determined by RNG.

    8.revised dodge perk really really too powerful!
    Some people disagree, but if you think about such an occasion, in a battle against mercenery, they all have dodge perk, what will happen? You dont think it’s op because AI dont use it like RA in 0.7.

    Actually, what cause these problem to occure? It’s AI, AI is AI, they donot have much wisedom, so tactic game is to beat them with the priority from thinking, not fully RNG or fully fixed pattern for every situation. By the way, I think this game’s AI is pretty briilient enough, that’s why I paly 1300 hs.

    But as I said above, if everything is fair for AI and player, just like PVP. What will happen?
    1. IF AI frequently use spearwall. Oh my god! They nearly killed my brother wearing 150 mail hauberk with only a double-grip spearwall! What about a brigand group with 10 boar spear? You have no way of countering their spearwall except make desperate shield wall to try 5% RNG like they do. Or use polearm to attack or break their spear wall under the dense fire of marksman.

    2.If some AI have dodge perk, like mercenery, like brigand raider, like peasent, what will happen? IT’s only a perk at second row, why shouldnt they have?

    3.If AI all wait turn, what a terrible scene. Why not, no penalty, doesnot have a reason to charge to sustain consecutive 2 turn’s attack in a row.

    4. A brother to a zombie is like a leader to a brother, actually in 0.9 every zombie has a relatively high chance to lower brother’s moral, but now 100 zombie couldnot manage to do so, why should a lv1 brother still be able to lower a leader’s morale only by reaching him?

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