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    Preset party formation, requires at least one member in the formation to have the Captain Perk

    Formation buff:

    Wall form. (3 adjacent ppl with a shield, +10% melee&ranged def, each)

    Pike form. (3 adjacent spearmen +10% melee skill & +20% atkdmg from SpearWall skill, each)

    Blade from. (3 adjacent swordsmen +10% melee skill & +15% atkdmg from Reposte skill, each)

    Arrow form. (3 adjacent archers +10% range skill & -50% AP cost to skills, each)

    Four-Of-A-Kind form. (Any 4 adjacent mercs, Morale will remain “Steady”, +1 AP, each)


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    Your core intent, I assume, is that you want formations to play more of a role in the game?

    The way we want to go about formations is having them emerge naturally from our game mechanics. Based on the different weapons and skills available, a range of different formations has already been developed between different players against different enemies, and this will only grow as we add additional tactical tools and challenges. Having several people close by employing a Spearwall, for example, makes for a natural synergy in denying any enemy access to their Zone of Control without us having to hand out arbitrary boni. Ideally we’ll do a good enough job with modelling the weapons via their skills to their actual historic use so that the tactics employed in the game will end up resembling actual medieval warfare to a healthy degree.

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    I see what you’re saying^,

    Wrote up the original post, intended for an artificial buff; But having it naturally show thru gameplay, is fine too.

    A Tactics tool sounds awesome! (from a Layman POV, not knowing much abt medieval warfare) You won’t believe how much mercs it took to see what (sorta)works & what doesn’t, heh.

    And btw, thanks for the game.

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