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    Latest beta release. 2017-02-28
    I have two monitors.
    I set vsync to on in the game.

    When I’m in the game I’m always around 250 FPS according to the steam FPS counter.
    When I alt-tab (to write this) I’m at a steady 53 FPS

    Game does not respect vsync and also doesn’t seem to have a frame limiter. Is it really necessary for a 2D game to draw above 60-90fps

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    Ok, strange, main menu is on 60 fps and on restart (again) everything seems to be limited to vsync.

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    Make sure the VSync settings aren’t overriden in your video card settings. Also, the game does limit the FPS to around 200 – otherwise you’d easily have 2000 with a decent gaming pc.

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    Avatar photoMaltavius

    I think it was me who borked it up.
    Since I also tried the UI-scale I needed to reset the settings to get into the game again and then VSYNC disappeared.

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