Topic: FU Rng or Hidden rolls?

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    Been doing the militia startup for awhile now, first crisis reached. I cant seem to beat the northmen, its ONLY against the northmen that my men constantly roll 90+ on their to hit rolls. 4 Archers with 65% to hit, 8 shots fired – 1 hit the target next to it, the rest in the tundra…. 3 second rowers all with Billhooks trying to get their 70+ rolls to connect, no luck… The barbs having a 20+ chance to hit my injured guy with shieldwall – head hit, dead…
    4 Archers (not the best but not bad ones!) all miss their marks, either Barbs have unbelivable range def, or its just no use taking archers to the fights anymore. Theyre level 8, with good rolls, so I fail to see how they just up and went worthless on barbs.

    I replay the map with my savescum ability over and over, its the same outcome every single time. The now blind Archers cannot hit a reaver standing 4 tiles away in full sunlight. They on the other hand can spearspray me without problems – wanna hit the second tier archer – no problem! Shieldwall up front, who cares? Wanna drop a throwing axe in the head of the billhook guy – just do it! Oh he was behind a shieldwall? NO PROBLEM!

    Either Ive gotten RNG on a really fucked up day, or the barbarian reavers are meant to be unbeatable by the militia army… And yes I use disarm, and what not. Even throwing dogs at them now….Really moneyfriendly 150gold dog for 1 round of not being hit by 1 guy… Fucked up.

    Their Range defence is too high, its not fun being an archer.

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    I am sure, intelligent people will write to you about the bias effect and the inconsistency of the allegations of pseudo random from the point of view of mathematics.
    I will answer the same as during last several years for bb newcomers in our community – “the choice of a new banner – is part of the gameplay.”

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    Having played another 100days with my militia, it seems their RNG has changed alot, I know its a whine post, but it really felt like there were something wrong with the “northmen”‘s survivability. Nothing I did seemed to work. Now its more often than not a slaughterfest when facing only Reavers, not to mention thralls….

    I love this game, dont get me wrong. I wish they would come out with DLC’s every 6months, even if its just minor things like new weapons or new monsters.

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