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    This has happened to me twice in one session, and I’m kinda sad. First, I got the Hoggart event with the heirloom, had a full inventory, and it said I got the item but it was just eaten (so to speak) and never appeared in my inventory. Fast forward a few days, I do the Witch Hut fight, and auto-loot fills my inventory up to full. . .so I didn’t get the dagger either.

    I understand when it comes to typical event items, but with important unique story items like these, just losing them is incredibly defeating. I lost brothers in that fight, and getting robbed of the reward is so pyrrhic I’m considering ending the campaign right there.

    I would like to request SOME kind of alternative to just losing the item. An after-battle style screen would be great, but I realize it probably doesn’t work on the world map; but I would at least like to request that the game look at brother’s inventories for spare space (in the case of an item), or in lieu of that replace the cheapest item in your inventory. I absolutely could and would have made space for either of these items and in the case of the aforementioned battle, having auto-loot on literally prevented me from making space.

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