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    Avatar photoKingPoe

    Just WOW the new content so far is awesome! finally we can have more brothers.

    Please for future could we get mounts for the brothers like war horses ect. ?
    Also a system to make a base or a guild hall for our brothers faction in a friendly town, somewhere to upgrade and hang trophys or teasure!

    And low magic weapons or enchantments… we got orcs and undead, we need some brother magic too!

    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I might be the only person who isn’t desperate for horses in the game.


    Wargasm, you not alone, I’m with you.

    Avatar photoMeeky

    Horses would be interesting but I’m not nearly so enthused at them as the idea of a great many other things.

    If they’re added, that’s fine. If not… also fine. I won’t vote for or against them.

    Avatar photomekaerwin

    I’m sure they could make horses cool and all, but I’d so much rather the time be put into so many other things. Adding horses means a lot of rebalance and changing some of the core mechanics to allow for it. If they went with the same concept as goblin wolf riders then you would have your health and armor combined with the horse’s and when the horse died it would mean a loss of your health too. I think that’s how the goblin mounts work anyway. I’m not sure people would like that. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d still rather see the time put into other things.

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