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    Game version v0.7.0.12

    Game freezes randomly both on world map and in battle.
    On freeze music still plays, on world map when freeze happens still possible press spase(pause) to unpause game but pressing spase second time pause will not work.
    On world map freeze happens only when inventory is open or dialog windws shows.
    After freeze on world map occured dialogue window dont want to close (can hower cursor over buttons and they highlight but pressing on battons do nothing), when spase(pause) hit after few minutes game resumes itself but dialogue/inventory window dont dissapear (music plays can hear ticing of coins(dayly payment)as if ingame time working normaly).
    In battle game freezes only when enemy moving.
    Freezes are random and i dont know reason.
    Antivirus disabled, video drivers updated.

    I looked in task manager and when bug happens game process seems to overload processor just the same time.

    Here log and DxDiag files. Log file showing that game closed normaly. Maybe trouble in monitor/video card or something???

    PS sorry for poor english

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    I forgot to enable “vsync” so enabling vsync in game settings solved the problem for me.

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