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    1. accept a contract to defend the village,
    2. camping until “they are coming” event pop up
    3. a noble portal was nearby and they saw the raiding thugs from my contract
    4. noble portal engaged the raiding thugs
    5. i broke camping status and tried to join the fight
    6. in the pre-battle pannel, i decided to fall back and let the noble army deal with them(to save some time)
    7. i camped again
    8. then i noted that the time wont pass, and i cant move my party around, the game paused. tried to camp again and break the camp again but still paused, pressed speed buttons and key “1” and “2”, still paused. i saved&quit and load the game, still paused.

    havent tried to recreate the situation yet, its rare to have a noble party around when defending the raiders.

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