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    Fighter concept.
    The fighter has initial stats as in Fallout.
    Strength – affects the strength of the oud and the equipment that the character can wear. Each item will require strength parameters. For example, a character has a strength of 6. He is equipped with body armor that requires 3 strength, a helmet of 2 strength and a two-handed Bulova of 3 strength. In total, the character is equipped with 8 strength, respectively, he will have a penalty to endurance and dexterity. Also, each value of the parameter of strength increases the damage from the weapon.
    Physique – stamina, health, resistance to poisons
    Sight – hitting accuracy for both ranged and close-range weapons, crit hit chance
    Agility – dodge, critical damage
    Intellect – affects the speed of the character’s leveling, how easily he will easily level up his weapon skills.
    Charisma – affects the internal relationship of the brother, also trade, quests, rewards for quests, relations with the outside world. Should be taken as the average of the Brotherhood. A squad with 10 brothers has an average of 8 charisma, one of the characters increases their average charisma +1.
    Luck – affects some parameters. May affect more powerful hit or hit evasion and more …
    The growth principle of a fighter. Basic characteristics suggest what role a fighter can take on in a squad, as well as the level of his skills such as: melee weapons, one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, …, trade. The use of equipment and items leads to an improvement in secondary skills. Suppose having a fighter whose base characteristics indicate that he is a potential archer. The player will use him in the role of an archer, and accordingly, the number of shots, hits, these characteristics will be pumped, which will make him a good archer.
    Thus, the distribution of the conditional balls by the player after raising the level is replaced by the character’s play style. Affected by the game. The improvement of a fighter depends on how they are played.
    There will also be more perks. Which are divided into two types. The first ones are acquired with level up and are based on base stat and secondary skills. The second are those acquired in events and battles.
    Eventually. We get a group of fighters, define the role in the squad, play them and watch how our game is displayed on them. Brotherhood concept.

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