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    Avatar photoBuuface

    Almost every time I get a graveyard related quest it turns out the same old ‘an army of ghouls’.

    Something NEEDs to be done to spice up this kind of quest because with a squad of anything above lvl 5 ANY amount of ghouls is no challenge and there is no variety or tactics involved in fighting them. Loot also sucks.

    Please add some kind of ‘Boss’ ghoul or do something to make this type of quest more interesting, or at least reduce how common it is.

    It is the least interesting contract in the whole game atm.

    Many thanks

    Avatar photoHairyskinback

    It’s never boring to earn some easy coin. These and the dires are a nice cash break from the real gritty missions.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    Ghouls are to be redesigned at some point to make them more of a threat.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    Direwolves are actually much more of a threat than ghouls – or would be if they appeared in large groups in the early part of the game. I miss the hordes of wolves that you could use to bolster experience points in the older build.

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