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    At first I was skeptical if I would enjoy some of the aesthetic directions of the game, such as the half displayed soldiers; i.e. only their upper portion of body and head displayed, but the style has grown on me.

    I was also not sure about the harsh permadeath/no regeneration mechanics on the soldiers, but I’ve grown to live with it, and it’s made a lot of the battles thrilling.

    However, the one thing that really irks me to this point, is the lack of any kind of deployment phase. It’s one thing to be ambushed, and not be able to select how your soldiers will be layed out before battle, but to never be able to influence this in any kind of capacity; be it a pre-battle zone of deployment, or some kind of formations tab in the interfaces is something Battle Brothers could use work on.

    The game is still in development, so hopefully this idea is something that could make it in, and otherwise it’s an enjoyable game, so keep up the good work :)

    Avatar photoLionOfwinter

    I have not looked into if you can change the order yet but just from glancing at my menu a lot its seems that they appear on the map, top to bottom in the order they are in, in your stash menu. The only change being a system that moves two tile weapons (pikes, etc) and long range weapons to the back row.

    So in theory if you can change the order of them in the stash menu that would be a way to edit the line in the battle.

    I agree though for any non ambush battle, you should be getting to set your line.

    Avatar photoHoly.Death

    Deployment will make its way into the game. It has been confirmed by the developers:

    ITs on the planned feature list for w hile now. Can’t give you an ETA though as there are other, very pressing features and issues to be handled first.


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