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    Hello to All!
    First of all,a big THANKS to the developers. This is the kind of game I’ve searched my whole life!
    In this early stage is already full playable and enjoyable and your efforts to fix bugs and add new features is remarkable.
    I have some little suggestions,maybe they are already in your plans,but i want to share.
    First: The Main character
    Everyone in the game address you as the leader of the mercenary company,the captain…but,ehy…Where I am? :P
    It would be nice to implement a sort of character creation before start the game. Choose your gender,hairstyle,name,perks,etc etc.
    So it will start with the main character and his few fellow mercenaries.
    In battle the main character will not die,but only knocked out(If he is the last one standing and fall,the game will finish in game over)
    It will add immersion(in my opinion)
    Second: Seasons
    It will be a nice addition and immersion. Weather changin,maybe with some sort of bonus/malus for terrain type or enemies(i have just one hour of game,don’t complain me if this is already implemented :P )
    Third: Base/Camp management
    It says all. A function to build your encampment or fortress and managing them(maybe with some recruitable npcs that helps you in trading,contracts,etc)
    For the rest,this is an AWESOME game,i am waiting for the random encounters,it will be epic!!

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    Hey Alambar,
    nice to hear that you enjoy the game. Let me quickly answer your suggestions.
    – A main character will not be implemented because we dont want people to be babysitting him through the entire game. If anyone can be killed instantly by receiving a battleaxe to the face it would be pretty “gamey” to have one character to be immortal.
    To be honest immortal characters is my biggest problem with Mount and Blade. It makes everything a bit meaningless…
    Apart from that selecting your first 3 characters from a giant random list may make it into the game.

    – season would look awesome, no question about that. Wheather is getting implemented slowly but surely.
    – A Base is not planned for now, as we focus on the traveling mercenary experience. I’ll never say never, but its absolutely not planned right now.


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