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    Is 100 the limit of the stats (melee attack , ranged attack , and Defenses? If this Is the limit then why? The brothers should have no limits on their Every brother can be unique. Like : this brother has 112 Melee Att but 4 Melee Def and 40 Hp while the other has 70 Melee att but 150 Hp .

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    a brother has 112 Melee Att but 4 Melee Def and 40 Hp wont be able to survive a single day, i guess :P


    well yes :P that was only for example but well, it would be funny :P

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    For the combat stats, the # represents a percentage chance of hitting or evading hits, and 95% is the maximum chance to hit (or of being hit) that anyone can have. Also, I think resolve represents the percentage chance of switching to a more positive or negative morale state at each morale check. For the most part, it’s therefore pointless to try to take most stats over 95. On the other hand, being stuck in swamps or nets (or receiving injuries) can diminish some combat stats significantly, so that a base # above 100 would then be useful. Also, the Rally the Troops skill has a % chance to succeed that starts with half of the user’s resolve, so that over 100 would be useful for that.

    Obviously, hit points and max fatigue and initiative don’t represent percentages, and more is better.

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