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    So I was chased down by this group of 11 goblins. 7 never miss goblin ambushers with poison and 4 skirmees. My team was killing everything but having heard lots of stories about how much Gobs can be a pain I backed off and retreated. I did some other bits and when I rested to recover bang the same team hit me. Now I had moved a good distance away so I was kinda surprised but I figured now I was curious so I fought them with the plan to reload win or lose. They caned me. So I reloaded and knowing they would most likely be following me on my 2nd retreat I headed to a port at the very south of the map. On the Map I am playing there are 2 very close ports in the South and only one other on the other side of the map in the North. As I had around 18000 in coin and wanted to test something I paid the 550 to go to the far north and then I left the city and didn’t move. I just went in camp mode. 2.5 days later the same goblin team hit me.

    Am I doomed to be chased by this nightmare team forever till I kill it which with all it’s poison seems beyond even what to this point has been my strongest group so far. In some games there has been groups of 16 town armies but on my map these are not really there so my idea to camp on one of those barracks is mute. The only other thing I can think of is to keep avoiding them till I have the whole team armed with crossbows and maybe I can kill enough of those damn never miss poison ambushers.

    All suggestions would be welcome and to the game devs it kinda stinks that this team can find me even after a port journey to the other side of the map.

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    Ok men i am know your problem.I had the same shit,with orcs warriors.So where is two tricks to get rid of them.
    1)Wait till they get close and attacke some place on the map.It may be the graveyard or bandits camp,and after battle start fast retreat and wait some time.If you will do all right the goblines woulde be weakened or die completely.But here is danger to be attacked with the both sides and suffer great dammage.
    2)Finde some squade of knights or patrol on the road and go with them till you meet goblines.When they ll engage them he;p patrol and struck down greenased mutherfuckers.
    I wonder my advices will help you).

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