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    Seriously good work. I’m not sure who on the team was the head writer but whoever it was did simply superb work, perfect mix of black comedy and bleak grimness, it really comes together. If whoever wrote for this wrote a novel / for any other game, it’d be a must read for me. Just great work painting pictures and making characters in as few words as possible, my only wish is that there’d be more of it.

    Avatar photoSekata

    I second that. I’ve gotten more than one good laugh from the writing. It gives the game world a humorous dimension and personality that it otherwise wouldn’t have. The mushroom event is a perfect example.

    It’s not just the humor. Just about every event, serious or otherwise is well written.

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    Agreed, the tone of the writing was carefully chosen to suit the content and it really brings the tone of the setting through!

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