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    Whoa, that was a surprise! Pretty deadly too. @.@ Right after fighting a bandit leader I’m ambushed by very large group of bounty hunters who wants his head, 15 men strong. Almost every member uses overwhelm and has high initiative, how cheeky! Not to mention they have nets, heater and kite shields… I’d say each one of them is the equivalent of a bandit leader in strength.

    Perhaps I should have just given the head of the bandit leader >.<

    Kudos to dev team, enjoyed the flavour of that event a lot.

    Avatar photoIRBIS

    The same can happends when you get delivery contract. Perfect source of high quality stuff… or your campanion’s graves =)

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Oh this is probably not really a spoiler since its an old event. Especially early it is probably a fight you can not win. I think the best way to deal with this situation is to remove almost all of your units after you got the head and just have very fast bros in the back line to do a quick tactical retreat.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    this exploit fixed. Now you loose head/s or cargo if you retreat from the battlefield. And this is right.

    Avatar photole_souriceau

    But another “exploit” exists – reloading aftersave before combat gives you chance to move some time before event triggers again. Its possible, by constant reloading to “crawl” to quest destination without fight (process can be tedious).

    Cheap way, but works. May be interesting for someone.

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