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    A few suggestions that probably have already been kicked around.

    1. Headquarters. As I see it, this game is about a “roaming” band of mercenaries and it works really well. My idea for a headquarters would be a Keep that you setup along the way. Always a place to come home to that you can customize and whatnot. Having it randomly attacked while you are away making gold and allowing the mercs there to level would also be really nifty. In a sense this wouldn’t take away from the roaming aspect of this game as you constantly would need to work contracts all over the continent in order to keep your Battle Brothers paid and fed. You could even eventually setup up manned patrols that roam up and down the roads around your headquarters as the patrols do now in the game. Even John Hawkwood and The White Company had lands to go along with their gold and fortunes.

    2. War. This game is set to have amazing variety in enemies as it continues to grow. Wars are the best sources of profit for a mercenary company, however. Putting into place a series of small skirmishes between towns, villages, orc encampments, and even undead where leaders hire your company to fight for them…..that’s what being a merc is all about right? The quests surrounding such things alone would be worth it.

    3. Unique NPCs. Kings, knights, sage, and the like would all go extremely well in fleshing out, not only a wonderful story, but also make the game infinitely replayable.

    4. Women. I have yet to see a woman take up arms in this game. While they couldn’t ever be called Battle Brothers, it would be nice to atleast see a woman somewhere in-game. Hell, women were sometimes payment for work to mercs throughout history. That’s something in the very least. Some women perform better than men in combat situations to be honest.

    This is an amazing game so far. The simplicity is perfectly balanced with it’s possibility. I am enjoying playing it.

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    1 – No headquarters are planned. It’s unlikely that they’ll eventually get introduced.

    2 – This might get implemented as the story and actual end-game gets more fleshed out. Also, we’ll probably see more of that as the contract system gets expanded.

    3 – Actual NPCs will get introduced with the event system, from what I understand.

    4 – Battle Sisters will get implemented eventually, so no worries there. :)

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