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    Avatar photoRexmundi

    Just wondering if it is possible to have a hexacon grid switch in battle. Which toggles the display of the hexacons on the battle map. I sometimes strugle with finding the most efficient path because of obstacles, and combined with partially see through trees it can make traversing a battlefield quite difficult. You could even add a different colorscheme to the grid reflecting unpassable terrain or different ellevations.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    100% agree.

    Avatar photoMeeky

    This would be useful on forest maps for sure. I’d like to see a hexagon toggle for sure.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    This would be a great way to solve the terrain issue but I think having to redo so much of the art would be too time intensive/high production. How about instead the devs implement a simple color coding tile system which can be toggled like the “ALT” and “CTRL” keys. A player could press “INSERT” and the impassable tiles would turn black. So in regular view you could tell whether said tile is a tree or bush or stump and the “INSERT” view could tell you exactly where you could walk.

    Avatar photobengarrett1971

    An optional “show tree stumps only” function would be very handy on forest maps.

    Avatar photoharnas1977

    Good idea as this is an issue sometimes.

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