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    1. When I killed the Hexe using my crossbowman, both the Hexe and crossbowman died. The unit whos turn it then became, the one holding the banner, was the unit that was charmed by the Hexe. When the Hexe died, that unit is no longer charmed. However, due to the bug, the unit does not get its turn. In fact, no unit at all gets its turn. The battle is locked. I can mouseover units and they will be highlighted. The music is playing, and Nachzehrers are still growling. Notice how there is no “next unit” in the order list at the bottom of the screen.

    2. I haven’t tried this. I believe the bug might be caused by problems handling that the next unit in line, is the one who was hexed. Maybe.

    3. See attachment.

    4. See attachment.

    5. See attachment.

    6. Unable to save in combat.

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    You ask your users to upload log.html, yet your forum filters out *.html file uploads for security reasons….

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    Could you zip the log file and then attach it? Thanks.

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