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    This is from the BB version right before this recent patch (, but after moving a Brother into a bush and having him get the “hidden” state, he was shot by a marksman in the same turn. I find this strange, as when I see an enemy move into the bushes, I cannot target them later that same turn without revealing them with an adjacent brother.

    I’m not sure if the enemy marksman missed with his ranged attack (possible), but I’ve never personally been able to miss a ranged attack of my own and hit a “hidden” unit in the bushes… I’ve only been able to reveal them with a missed attack (and when I did reveal him, I still could not target him with a ranged attack).

    Another thing about the “hidden” bushes…
    Perhaps it might be a good idea to only display the “Hidden” state on the character’s current situation description if, they are in fact, currently hidden and not seen at that specific time (i.e. hidden is removed from their current state if they have an enemy reveal them).


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