Topic: High score, retirement and few other ideas.

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    Playing currently there is no end game and little to achieve in game.
    So I propose implementation of Score and leader boards.
    Points are earned for killing enemies, razed enemy camps, doing mission typical stuff but mainly for retired soldiers.
    What is this?
    My suggestion is kinda like retirement in old pirates but on soldier level.
    Its like any recruit who join you have some reason why he did it.
    Its like saving enough cash to buy farm or kill enough orcs for revenge or achieving high enough level etc.
    When character achieve this particular condition you can retire him in town or village. You pay him some cash and give him equipment. Based on his level, items and target your company get score.
    Or you can retire entire company and get one chunk of points for all characters(their levels,items) and gathered cash.
    And start a new company in the same world.

    #Also Hall of Heroes for all dismissed/killed/retired/deserted soldiers with their names, background, kill count and what happened to him after he left company.

    ## Also something like this for living soldiers. Pic related.

    Also there is some additional possibility based on kill counts(like Orc Slayer on Undead Killer) and skills or perks based on weapon used for killing(or dmg given)like some bonus stats or skills.

    Any thoughts?

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