Topic: Hold Out perk message and effect still working after retreating..

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    So I was told to cleanse this cemetery from grave-diggers. I went there, but had to retreat. So i went to a nearby town, recruited more people, rested a little bit and came back to try again.

    However, before entering the place I’ve double checked my character statuses and came across this:

    The wound is not affecting the character’s Max Fatigue (his normal is 59). And that message shouldn’t be there I suppose, just when you hover the wound icon during the battle you earned, right?

    I also believe that this wound was caused when retreating from that battle (he was not at the corner of the map).

    Also, after the second fight (which I’ve retreated again…) the message vanished and the wound effect took place.

    Not sure what happened here…

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    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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