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    While this is a fantastic game by itself, there is so much potential that this game could explore! One of these ideas being that the Brothers could take over a village economically or by force and be able to take over the leadership and decide the village’s future and what upgrades would be implemented. There are many ways this could be implemented in a future DLC, but I think a lot of players wish they had a place to call their own in this crazy world to store all their extra brothers, equipment, and create something and have a sense of progress maybe by creating a thriving economic hub or forging an impenetrable castle. I understand that this game is about moving around the map and not staying in one place, but you often visit the same spot more than once and even prefer to focus your efforts on certain areas of the map. I believe an addition to the game like this would add so much to the game and give people who have already have weeks of gameplay even more of a reason to start another committed playthrough of the game. Thanks for listening and for creating such a wonderful game in these times of games having no creativity and respect for the community.


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    im all for taking over a village or building one,and also we need somehow to connect all the battle brothers players,maybe sell or exchange our soldiers on a global online ingame market,and also items maybe to exchange,ill add more ideeas later

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