Topic: How do you get the Unique Armors?

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    Avatar photoCahyahte

    Do I have to play on a higher difficulty, cause I’m still at beginner. Also where can I find the Orc Cities, not the fortified huts with the Warlord.

    Avatar photoarteofwar

    I haven’t seen the cities anymore, maybe there are only the fortified huts. If I find one I will let u know.

    Avatar photoTeut

    You do NOT need to play on higher difficulties to get special armor or weapons.

    I heard it helps when you have good relations with the cities who have an armor- or weaponsmith so they sell them more frequently, but I saw them on offer even on ‘neutral’.

    Don’t know about real Orc cities, haven’t seen one.

    Avatar photoEnglishInfidel

    Yeah they sell them in towns sometimes.

    I’ve had the best luck by going into taverns and paying the bar-keep for info. Sometimes he will say “There’s a scary place to the North West(etc), rumor has it there’s some epic loot there.”

    It’s usually an old grave site, implying you dig up the armor of some war-lord.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    You go out into the wilds and hunt for some forum plebs.

    Once youve taken a few, you sacrifice them to RNGesus.

    And if youre lucky he might smile upon you and grant you unics.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    You do get unique weapons and armours in towns with the relevant industry from time to time, but the armours are rarer than the weapons.

    You will be led by tavern rumours on odd occasions, but the tavern will probably need to be in a town that’s near to a large area of wilderness.

    Sometimes you get an event where an old man tries to sell you a map. Once, I bought it and it turned out to be useless. Another time, I had a thief in my party and I was given the option to get the thief to steal the map, and we got some loot including a rare item.

    Basically, the further into the wild you go, the more likely you’ll get something rare, but you do occasionally get rare things from the most innocuous contexts.

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