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    Im bored and exhausted with arguing with you all.These talking starting to be shit-throwing contest(Kalanar,sorry for offending you,i was wrong).
    Your arguments are sometimes weird…And wrong in some point.

    I wasn’t saying that rare items gonna be common.Thats two different things…
    Chances of looting rare are the same for you all,but for me? NO… Two chances of 50% have more chances on succes than one.
    I dont need to kill a boss.Just start a battle,look at equipment,retreat and reload until i find smth useful.
    Im just wondering how all rare stuff looks and which stats it has…That’s human trait…
    Kalanar,i didn’t found out about our things we are arguing are the same at all.My foundation cant shaking…You all sometimes talking about some different stuff.I dont care what it is: octopus,diablo or sandwiches,but please,dont do such a shit stuff.
    Most of you didn’t understood my first sentences…And then your completely wrong opinion of course started to argue with mine.

    My view is:
    “Seriously,i think the chance of spawning these items must be a little higher,about 10-15%…”

    If you think different,stop nagging at me,thats your stuff and it can be said in a few sentences.Thats a piece of crap we are talking about dont even worth it.

    Thats enough for me,sorry if my opinion is such an opressive for ya…
    Im exhausted with as one said “complaining” and thats my last messenge in this thread.


    …And that’s how you get angry in BB!


    …And that’s how you get angry in BB!


    So, essentially you are proposing to make rare loot less rare, so you don’t have to reload so often? Perhaps you shouldn’t focus so much on this aspect, named items are just the cherry on top in the current build. As far as I see it, you are just making yourself mad with trying to bend the rules of the game.

    I envy you guys who already managed to get rare items. So far I’ve only seen a werewolf-pelt armor on a bandit, but was unable to acquire it.


    I also really wanted to get this armor. I saw them 3 times … and all three times my brothers broke them in the trash … I was a man with a halberd and let special to beat to head and tried to flail … all by. so sorry. but I have two unique two-handed ax – it reduces my sorrow :)
    I should note that the shield that you can get from the orc chieftain virtually useless. Yes, they have a very high strength, but in the realities of the modern build much more important index of protection. I think they could be The adjusted towards its increase and the payback for high strength even if cost increases is fatigue – all honest

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