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    New to the game but enjoying it. Been playing vetern ironmode. Question – How can I avoid brigands? I have a group that I have no hope of taking and they have followed me to the closest village. When I enter the village though, time stops, and if I exit, they are right there.

    Any suggestions?

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    ironman have little problem- when you leave town or another settelment, game autosave,it take some time but game don’t paused… so enemy catch you.
    In your personal situation i can recomend you try to run away from battle by move ALL your brothers to the end of tactical map( gex with white flag and press retreat button then) – so you will be able to retreat from the battle without getting injured and after that on the strategic map the enemies will somehow stand without moving, you can run away from them for some distance.

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    On the world map you can simply outrun them, since your speed is slightly faster then theirs. Beware however that terrain affects speed, yours and theirs both so choose right path.

    On the battle map, you can hit retreat button in the upper right corner. Brothers who are standing at the very border of the map will get away unharmed. Those who don’t, will get injured. Therefore it is preferable to get all your brothers to the edge of the map first. It shouldn’t be difficult given raiders have the same APs and movement speed as you, so unless you do something stupid, they shouldn’t catch you.

    Retreating from battle also cost morale, so beware. One retreat on it’s own will not affect much, but retreating while morale of your group is already very low can cause desertions.

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