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    It seems that noble “Hunt beasts” contracts (both, small and large) are worthless, due to combo of travel time, unspecified location (large area vs single camp for other contracts) and lack of actual targets.
    Latter being the kicker, as if you can’t find the beasts, you can’t show up even with a few “heads”.

    Beasts may get killed by random party, may wander away, locating them in mountains and forrests, marshes is hard, even for beast slayers origin.

    Tl;dr: spawn more beasts to hunt or lower the chance of contract spawning, or make them an additional contract, in order to not compete with normal noble contracts.

    Or change it to “patrol region X” with fixed patrol reward and bonus for killing beasts and other targets (like undead, for example)

    In contrast I love town “hunt beasts” contracts, as it gives you a guaranteed spawn that is close by.
    Time/reward is much better than for a stock noble contract.

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