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    Avatar photozztop360

    Hey guys, awesome game.

    What’s happening to me is that, eventually, about 10 days in, only thieves spawn in towns for me to recruit. I tried this over several savegames and it keeps happening.

    Could this be a copy protection thing? May it or may it not have anything to do with piracy? (because if it does, it may or may not be working properly) (Implying I may or may not have pirated your game) (which I love, but blablabla; eventually I may or may not buy it, considering I may or may not have done so already).

    Cheers from Argentina.

    Avatar photoJaysen

    Glad to hear that you like the game!
    Really annoying to have so many thieves around, right? Not pirating the game will probably help with that issue ;)

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    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    That won’t help.
    If he’d want to buy – he could do this.
    But if not – that will never happen.Pirates will break that system.

    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    Once,i’ll buy the game.That another story though…Still using pirate copies.

    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    Oh,what i wanted to say in short: Anti-piracy system must be stronger,cause it will “fall” soon.Thats why this problem appears all around the world…

    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    On my opinion,the most problematic anti-pirate systems for pirates those,which use internet connection and verification every time you launch the game.
    But the protection made by human can be breaked by human.
    All depends on your opinion about piracy.But i bet,nobody will break the game protection till its not that famous.

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