Topic: I click the bag to switch weapons in a fight and get kicked out of game

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    Avatar photoLord Raymondo

    The quest
    raise black hounds camp
    return to Bjarne’s Watch
    is the quest I’m on when I click the bag to try and switch my archer’s weapons it glitches
    I have another glitch with a group just before I attack coming from the base that it freezes after killing the last one I went to the back of the game killed all against the wall and retreated

    Avatar photoRap

    Too late now, but next time you encounter any problem like this please attach the logfile here. See the sticky post on where to find it. Thanks for your help!

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    Avatar photoelizabethjohanson

    I just love the Vikings Bag this character carries all the time, I am also thinking to have such a motorcycle luggage carry bag for myself.

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