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    Take me as an ideologue)

    1. Despite the fact that the game tells us about a detachment of mercenaries, in fact, there are not enough horsemen in the world. Horses have been a part of human life throughout life and in many ways more important than the lives of dogs. mix that goblins have horsemen, you can create them for people and even for orcs, boars, for example. Let there be not many of them, even if they are expensive as in reality, but it was exactly what would complement the game well. Horses would not interfere with the same “nomads”.

    2. Against the background of the above, I would like to add that it would be cool to add a prototype of the Mongol invasion, they can devastate the lands just as well as orcs and undead as a variant of a new crisis in the game.

    3. While reading the forum, I came across the idea of ​​Byzantium, which, for me, is too much and too much. BUT it would be nice to add a faction in the likeness of the Greek policy that has retained its traditions from ancient times (reference to the Spartans). Why? because it is tiring to try to remove their armor from the undead, I would like to just buy them and not only in green. This is not only my request, many specifically fight the undead in order to get their armor for their squad.
    and the policy itself can be located in the wastelands to explain the fact that they survived and remained unknown to the rest of the world.

    4. I understand that the map generator is already set up and it’s not worth getting into it, but I would like a better balance and I would like a bigger world. I would like to see many factions and not just 3, and that the world would live, that there would be more other mercenaries who also fulfill contracts. I would rather have a big well thought out world than thousands of small and often unsuccessful options that you have to sort through in search of the best option.

    And finally, the most important and important thing is to restore the balance. mercenaries get stars randomly without any logic. a hunter with 3 stars for attack, a barbarian with 3 stars for ranged combat, a fisherman with 3 stars for determination, a monk with 3 stars for endurance. the description of the background does not correspond to the abilities and inclinations of the mercenaries. which is very sad when you hire a mercenary you always get a pig in a poke. because of this, it is not interesting to play iron will because you spend crowns without having a chance to reload and you get something for crowns that does not correspond to expectations or description.

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