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    I really liked the concept of the mercenary squad, but I noticed one important detail: we play exclusively for the land of mercenaries. So I came up with the idea to diversify the game.

    The concept of the “River Lords” supplement”

    This is a major expansion of the game, adding a number of significant changes:
    1. The changing landscape of the map. Now the continent or continents have large rivers that flow from the northern glaciers to the south. Large rivers are an obstacle to moving around the map. In addition to rivers, the continent now has full-fledged islands and archipelagos.
    2. Trade and opportunities for movement by water. Boats and large ships that trade by water are now available. Very often, rivers were natural transport routes in medieval history – in the game this will allow you to better connect the northern and southern cities in terms of trade turnover.
    3. Two new small factions:
    1) “Vikings” – sea raiders who raid the sea and river coasts. A special feature of the faction is the permanent diplomatic state. At one time, the player can interact with their temporary-city parking lots, as with a normal trading post-selling and buying things + goods (including slaves). And at other times, the Vikings can suddenly change the flag and attack the player’s vulnerable squad. (+ associated with this event).
    Thanks to the Vikings, 6 new tactical battle maps are added to the game:
    – land+boat battle (limited space).
    – battle ground+ship (middle space).
    – Battle in the camp (one or two sides of the map are limited in terms of movement and retreat for the player’s squad). – battle on the middle ship on the ship (in the middle of the map 1-2 boarding bridges)
    – Battle large ship to ship(3-4 boarding bridges+ elevated towers).
    – Battle defense of the city gates( fortifications + towers of high ground.
    In their mass, the Vikings represent well-equipped northern barbarians, but without monsters and drivers. Ni always has a wall of shields and spears, but limited shooting capabilities. The player always faces 25+ opponents.
    When defeating the Vikings, the player receives a large number of trade items.
    Viking settlements of a permanent nature are located on the islands of the archipelago. Instead of noble houses, there are numerous clans. to get to the island is possible only from the city of farmacii “Shard of the Empire”.

    2)Shard of Empire-an allusion to the Byzantine Empire. Always located on the border of temperate and desert climate, one very large fortress city and 5 associated villages, towns. Always on the coast of the peninsula, where there is access to the free sea. Some of the villages are located on the islands.

    Empire Shard provides the player with access to unique knowledge and training techniques for soldiers:
    а) Great Library – each time the player pays for the right to search for ancient knowledge in it (1500 gold for a full day).With a certain chance, the player can get unique items during the search:
    – Tablets and scrolls of instructors. If the party has characters with a background (monk, caravan master, apprentice), they are able to decipher the knowledge contained in ancient texts. after that, the item is ready for use in the player’s inventory.
    The deciphered tablets can be used to train and train battle brothers in the Imperial Academy. Training expends money and tablets (scrolls) forever increasing the characteristics of mercenaries: – hand-to-hand/shooting combat, defense in ranged/melee combat. The degree of magnification depends on how much the text has been decoded.
    During the event decoding ancient texts, the player chooses the following options:
    – simple decoding – the squad receives a tablet +1 (increases one characteristic by +1), the chance to destroy the tablet in the process is 15%, the chance of a negative event (injury or illness by the character) is 10%.
    – subject decoding-the squad receives a tablet +1-3 (increases one characteristic from +1 to 3 units), the chance to destroy the tablet in the process is 35%, the chance of a negative event (injury or illness by the character) is 40%. Requires a Level 7 character.
    – careful decoding-the squad receives a tablet +2-4 (increases one characteristic from +2 to 4 units), the chance to destroy the tablet in the process is 45%, the chance of a negative event (injury or illness by the character) is 50%. Requires a Level 10 character.
    – Providence- 5% chance of events when selecting the decryption option. The squad immediately receives a random tablet:tablet +5 (increases the characteristic by +5), dichotomy tablet +3 (increases 2 characteristics by +3), golden knowledge ( 1 characteristic by +5, and the second by +4).

    В) Imperial Academy. Here, the player with the tablets in his hands can “improve” his characters through intensive training.The training cost is 2000 gold +100 gold for each level above 1. In the process of training, the character can receive health damage, injury. Characters with wounds and injuries can die.
    Access to the Imperial Academy can only be obtained with a good attitude of the city. The city’s loyalty is permanent.
    Work on the other factions and the struggle with the Vikings – in the negative. Protecting Shard of Empire merchant ships from Vikings is positive, but if the player kills the raiders excessively, it is negative. This reflects a double diplomacy.

    4.New Squad menu
    The previous addition gave us the opportunity to take non-combat satellites, there are even more here:
    – Squad cart menu – all improvements to the cart, inventory volume, supply volume and special items for bonuses.
    – menu of specialists (the most discussed section) Military specialists are mercenaries with advanced equipment. Standard mercenary+ its second part.
    1) Squad War Machine – The player’s squad can access the field version of the Roman Scorpion and onager. Each war machine is obtained by a special quest from the “Shard of the Empire” + you need to find a drawing in the library.
    Scorpion-Manuballista-Is a powerful remote weapon. Served by a single mercenary. The mercenary moves on the tactical map as usual, in the right place he lays out the “Scorpion” and loses the ability to move. The scorpion can be folded and the mercenary can move again. Mercenary skills are responsible for accuracy and the ability to make more shots.
    Characteristics of the Scorpion-the distance of defeat from 3 to 18 cells (there is the minimum possible distance). Shoots bolts-darts. Damage and Armor Penetration depends on ammo and upgrades. Always deals 50 damage to health.
    Onager is controlled by 2 characters. The first carries, collects and fires. The second character is responsible for reloading. Onager attacks an area of 4 cells with stones. Deals heavy damage and can apply a stun or stun effect. The distance of the lesion is 4-14 cells.

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    2) Cavalrymen – they represent the standard inventory of the battle brother+ the inventory of the war horse+ the general inventory of the squad. Here is the equipment and training of a cavalryman and his war horse separately.
    The cavalry is formed from noble recruits and mercenaries.
    In order for a battle brother to become a cavalryman, he needs to learn a line of specific skills:
    1. Horse riding-the character gets the opportunity to ride donkeys, horses.the character receives additional bonus damage when using one-and-a-half (bastard) swords in the form of +10% to the chance of hitting,+ 25% to ignoring armor.
    2. Horse control-allows you to use warhorses, the character gets the ability iron grip – with severe injuries, he does not merge with the horse for 1 turn.The character gets the opportunity to use long spears to attack the enemy from a horse.
    3.Royal Horseman-the character is able to use powerful cavalry pikes, gets an additional 10 units of protection in melee and ranged combat.

    Avatar photoSugmar

    Here you can see the access:
    1) To specialists and military vehicles.
    2) Recruits with unique abilities (wizards, druids, summoning spirits) – need to perform special tasks of settlements.
    3) Displays the degree of influence of the player’s squad on the course of the crisis-battles, saved lives, saved cities and property.
    4) Access to special institutions in different cities.
    5) The property of the detachment – those trade buildings that were purchased or received as a gift for performing major tasks.

    Avatar photoSugmar
    Avatar photoSugmar
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