Topic: Ideas for further DLCs or updates

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    Hi team,
    I adore the game project you are working on!
    As a gamer with more then 820h in game I want to share my feedback.
    First of all thanks for the port to the Nintendo switch!

    – pvp would be an interesting idea, especially cross platform but I know some addons/mods are unofficial and pc only-but the game is adorable as it is and mods are not needed at all

    – sea fights would be something nice to have or sea creatures
    – connect to the sea thought maybe a pirate class would make sense

    – do you plan to allow your players to own and fight villages in the future by them self to grind though the whole map?

    That’s it for now
    Thanks for this experience
    Have a nice day

    Avatar photoMaclucovic

    hello I love your game but here are some improvements that I find you could add, well to start I would like to be able to attack cities, that would be wonderful. Also when I play with the nodics I would like to be able to visit barbarian settlements in order to recruit new members to the company as well as forge and build new equipment with the theme of the nodics.

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