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    well without the quick hand I lost 4 men to orks. I build a strategy that used crossbow men in back ranks that could change to billhooks and my spear wall was unable to change spears to what ever and attack and defend witch killed 2 the perk saved my men now its worthless :( also you talked about being able to out run people iv not seen that as well

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    The way quick hands worked before was more an exploit than a strategy. Equipping a spear then switching to another weapon, attack and then switch back in the same turn is not the way the perk was intended to work.

    The design behind the perk is offering a way to quickly adapt to new situations giving you more flexibility on the battlefield. Best example would be an archer who gets engaged in close combat. He can now quickly change his bow to melee weapons and defend himself whithout losing too many APs.

    The perk was never meant to turn your soldiers into swiss pocket knives attacking with weapons “out of their backpack” so to speak :)

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    I find quick hands to be great for javelineers as they come to battle equipped with a shield already. It also helps archers to switch to knifes or billhooks.

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