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    Avatar photoAbel

    I would love to see more information being displayed in the log.

    • Resolve rolls. We currently don’t know how Resolve rolls work. Revealing the rolls would help evaluate Resolve better.
    • Show enemy values (HP, Armor, Fatigue, etc.). Right now, the only way to know them are bars without numbers. Displaying values over these bars would help making better decisions.
    • Add damage estimates. Hit chances are already given but not estimated damage. It would be good to know the correct damage formula too.

    Something else?

    Avatar photoKillerRabbit

    Exact enemy values I do not know if it’s a good idea to show. Maybe some kind of bro-combo that you bring into the battle could equal to how much information you see on the enemy? (This ties in a little bit with the ideas I had in the bro-hall, or builds on it, so to say)

    Like a hunter would give stats on the wolves, a lumberjack could give more exact numbers on the upcoming tree-enemy – peddler+militia bro background combined can give armor values and a Wildman can give the unnatural beasts value, etc etc..

    Avatar photoAbel

    Oh, that’s not a bad idea! Make it conditional instead and tie it to Backgrounds to make them more interesting and useful. Why not?

    Avatar photoSolone201

    The beauty of bb is its “randomness”. The game tries to give a sense of a battlefield: you don’t know the exact armour hp of your opponent while fighting; the game is doing great already with the visual, since you can estimate how much armour (or hp) your enemy have left just by looking at him. If we add to much information the game is going to be too precise, and I don’t think it’s for the best.

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