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    It’s really good news that game will get the DLC and I think it’s good time to make some improvement in current system of armor/weapon.

    Now we have a big gap between selling and buying prices (about 10 times), we often try to loot equipment instead of buying in shop, also we can repair our armor and weapon an infinite number of times even from 1 point of durability, but if item loses its last point of durability – it disappears. It’s simple system, but a bit strange and can be improved.

    I suggest to add new mechanic which will decrease max durability of item during repair. For example, for each 10 recovered points item lose 1 point of max durability. It means that your equipment will need replacement time by time. Cause it’s additional expenditure – selling price of items should be increased. Also the formula of current price should be changed from Current Durability / Max Durability to (Current Durability + Current Max Durability) / 2 / Max Durability. Also items will not disappear if their current durability becomes 0, you just can’t use this item, but can recover as usually.
    With new formula item with 0% durability but 100% of max durability (means never been repared) will cost 50% not nothing as now. You can fully restore item, but it’s max durability will be only 90% and total price will be 81%.

    Of course no one wants to lose his unique item after several repairs – no problems, you can pay to smith and in this case item doesn’t lose max durability. But may be we need extra button to prevent repair by our own for not losing max durability.

    Totaly, what it gives:
    1)More reasons to buy new equipment instead of looting, cause this items have high value of max durability. Also it balances profits when we will use or just sell looted equipment. Looted items should have about 50-80% of max durability (cause owner has used it for while). Also loot from necrosavants or orcs/goblin will cost more.
    2)More reasons to use smith’s service for not losing max durability and it means that towns more important during crisis.
    3)More fair prices for selling/buying and more logical system of repair – items doesn’t disappear and otherwise can’t be recover unlimited times from total destruction.

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