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    With the nerfs to the latest build where a) the Brawny talent only reduces the fatigue penalty by 35% and b) you incur fatigue penalties for carrying extra items even with Bags and Belts, we need more inventory capacity. The only real advantage we have in fighting the various denizens is bringing the right weapon to the fight. But with the variety of enemies, an increased roster, food occupying inventory slots, 99 slots isn’t enough anymore.

    Also consider that since we now have multi-wave fights, we have the option of swapping out armor between stages but only if we have armor in our inventory to hold extra armor.

    Avatar photoIgniferroque

    Also, what changes to fatigue, if any are coming in the next patch? Are the developers happy with where fatigue is at? I understand the need to make things more difficult from where you could walk around in full plate armor, carrying an extra shield and a goblin crossbow. However the two changes above combined with the removal of the rallying cry ability to which reduced everyone’s fatigue in a 5 hex radius – whatever it was called – has gone too far in the other direction.

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