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    Hi there. New to the forum since i played a few hours this great game.

    Im having lots of fun (and rage) with this game. I understand it’s still in an early phase, so i first want to cheer to the developers as i think they are making a great GREAT game.

    Now the suggestion.

    As the team of bros grow in number, quality of equipment and level, its difficult (for me) to trak or to know who is who in middle of the battle. The suggestion is that, when its a character turn, display somewhere (maybe in the character sheet that is displayed at the bottom of the screen) the perks and traits he have.

    This suggestion is made as some people might want to combo perks from different characters (exapmple: one can create injuries easily, while other takes advantage when ataking injured characters).

    In the current state of the game i found myself opening the full character sheet each time a brother takes its turn.

    I found you did a great work displaying important information. I just suggest to go a little further with that.

    If this information is allready displayed (i might pass over it), i just apologice myself.

    Great Game you are doing here.

    P.D: sorry for the bad english.

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