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    So in cruel world of Battle brothers we have choped heads and blood.Very sweet.
    But it woulde be just splendid if we may have a realistic injury system,somethink like we have in Dwarf Fortres.
    One handed,or with one leg or even without one eye,and some scares,woulde do your game much more realistyc!
    Iy woulde change not only appearence of other brothers,it will chage game play too.For example we wil have to leave some Brothers in velages or towns,and may be latelt they woulde give us some quest.Losing limbs will grant other heroes debufes e.t.c
    So tnx you for reading any way,I know it is may be too hard to do,but i just have said my dreams)

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    permanent injury system…. hmmmm. It would fit right in with battle brothers, and I would not be surprised if the developers are working on a system like this. It would be cool for my 2 hander guy to lose an arm, only to become the best guy i have, i could see csome really cool stories coming out of this. I hope there is a system like this, but it does not necessarily have to be debuffs from loosing limbs and other things. I heard a man who had lost an arm speak once, and he said it’s not enjoying things less, its enjoying them differently. In fact, losing an arm may have positive effects, like forcing the person to re evaluate how they do everything, and be careful how they fight. (think jaime lannister if u watch game of thrones)

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    Can’t agree more with Atheist. There’s not much to add other than “YES, PLEASE!” :D

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