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    Heya. I recommend putting in a place to temporarily house battle brothers who are not currently in the active squad. This allows the player to stay active even though members of his squad is severely injured, looking for more quests and things to do rather than be forced to wait. The ability to maintain reserves is very common for squad-based games where some casualties are expected, and I think the game will really benefit from it.

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    I mentioned this in another thread myself (“More Brothers”), and it’s definitely my favorite solution to the problem of having horribly wounded brothers sitting in your army, or brothers that are poorly trained to deal with the sort of battle you’re running into. I think inns would be the best place, or a mercenary guild of some sort, but not a place that you own. It should definitely be a place that you owe rent, and you should only be able to have so many brothers on leave.

    Maintaining reserves is definitely something we should be able to do in Battle Brothers, though I don’t think those reserves should be very largely (I lean toward the number 6 as the size of your reserves).

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