Topic: Ironman – ALT-F4 = Non Ironman Autosave

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    1. Describe the bug and how it happened: What did you do before and while it appeared?
    I had to Alt-F4 during an Ironman game, luckily an Autosave had appeared in the Load menu of the main menu.
    After some playing about I noticed I could save a game.. the campaign had been reset to non Ironman!

    2. Is it reproducable? Can you intentionally make it appear?
    Not sure, won’t Alt-F4 just to try! ;)

    3. Attach a screenshot if possible.

    4. Attach your dx.diag. This file includes information on your hard- and software configuration.

    5. Attach the Battle Brothers “log.html” file. (Please note the log gets overwritten once you restart the game so make sure you copy the log right after the bug appeared!)
    There have been restarts of the game so I’m afraid I don’t have this.

    5. Attach a save showing the issue, if there is any.

    P.s. Possible addition in future patches, Activate Iron Man during existing play? With no way back, of course..

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    Please zip the saves and then attach them again, or mail them directly to

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