Topic: Ironman destroy helmet/armor as well

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    Avatar photoIoci

    Would love to see losing helmet/armor if durability was reduced to 0 in a battle. Also a better loot chance would be nice. These would really make Ironman mode stand out IMO. Or make it an available option to check on when starts a new campaign.

    Avatar photochandl34

    Have you been playing the Northern Raiders origin? You don’t keep 0% armor on other origins, except for named gear.

    Avatar photoIoci

    Yes, I played that origin. 0% armor only affects the loot from the enemy character. I was trying to suggest that let the 0% armor on player character to be destroyed after the battle as well. It should be a quick thing to set up with I think, because the game used to destroy the player’s helmet once durability hits 0.

    Avatar photoBlacksteel

    This sounds like a nice optional challenge, similar to extra campaign challenges in xcom.

    - Blacksteel

    Avatar photoDerFlo

    I like this idea a lot. Would be really harsh on famed gear tho, but that’s what makes it interesting I guess :)

    Avatar photoTros

    I hate this idea. Look yourself in the mirror and don’t post such stupid ideas ever again

    Avatar photodltoster

    Can be easily homeruled – just throw out from inventory 0% mail and helmet. Good challenge and new tactics option – to withdraw from fight with almost broken expensive armor.

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