Topic: Items disappear(?) after drag/drop onto portraits

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    Avatar photoladlon

    Currently, it seems if you drag and drop an item onto a character’s portrait (not the paper doll, but the portraits at the bottom), the item SEEMS to vanish (at least for me so far…). Does dropping an item on a portrait result in DROPPING the item (and losing it)?

    On the same subject, I mentioned today in my suggestions, that it would be great to be able to drag and drop items (from the stash or from other character’s paper dolls) onto another character’s portrait to equip it on them (onto the appropriate paper doll slot), rather than having to go to the first character’s paper doll, drag the item into the stash, select the second character, and drag the item onto their paper doll. Definitely would be a much faster and more convenient system that way, I think.

    Avatar photoEinar Tambarskjelve

    Yea, I thought so too. But the item is still there, further down in the items screen. Just scroll down.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    answer to this : ‘disappearing items‘ thread on same page, and many more, if you use Search function.

    Avatar photoladlon

    Thanks Einar Tambarskjelve! I didn’t even notice the scroll bar. Yep, you’re right.

    @ Rahziel: BTW, typing ‘disappearing objects’ in the search field results in ‘Nothing Found’ for me. So…

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