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    So, just for the record I’ve been heavily dissapointed by games lately, most of the games I’ve been looking forward to have all been dissapointing, even to the point that I actually didn’t buy this game at first. Luckily a friend bought it and said it was pretty good, so I figured Ok I’ll give it a try. I’m glad I did.

    I understand it might not be superiourly balanced at times, it’s a lot of random chance and it’s a pretty hard game once you get to the end. Also things that work well early game might not work at all late game. Trial and error. I don’t mind that. Sure there could be more balance in that aspect, but it also gives us a reason to think of different ways to play.

    The point is, I had fun. I had hours of fun. I had fun trying to kill a guy with the survivor perk because I didn’t wanna pay him extra to let him go, to the point where he lost fingers, an eye, an ear, his nose, had braindamage and heart failure, broken knee and cut achilles tendons and a pierced lung. I think I missed a few things too. Eventually he died. I almost felt bad.

    Thanks for this game, I’ll be playing it through later with a new setup for sure.

    The game isn’t that expensive and considering how huge companies with probably 100 times your budget can’t seem to even get their games to work properly, I don’t see how anyone could really complain about the minor faults with your game. I’m glad you acknowledge them though, it shows you are serious still.

    As for now, I simply registered to say thanks for this game and I remember a while ago I was hoping you would make some similar games but with a more modern style and considering the artwork you posted this seems like it might happen. I’m looking forward to it.

    Also, you should consider adding some kinda medic for that game. In fact, it would have been a cool thing with some behind the scenes roles like the events that can happen. For instance having a doctor in the company, just in the reserve at all times more or less (well he could help if you really had to) who would help the team to heal and could fix injuries like the monasteries did while on the road. Maybe a chef for added morale betwen battles. Things like this, just someone who costs money but gives a certain boost.

    Anyways, take care and keep up the good work.

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