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    I’ve checked on reddit and searched the forums here and so far it looks (sadly for me) that only I am encountering this issue.

    My keyboard hotkeys for the game stop working seemingly randomly when playing. This all started to happen after about 18 or so hours into my first campaign.
    At first it happened after a few hours of play, to now today it happened withing 15 minutes.

    I also can’t ALT+TAB out of the game when this happens, the keyboard is completely dead. I can’t renamed Mercs or anything at all to do with pressing any key on said keyboard. So even if I use all the in game buttons I am still screwed when I finish a battle as I can’t un-pause the game.

    My only solution is to force restart my PC off/on. Then when I’ve booted back up to Windows (10) and launch steam then the game it works normally again, but then it’s just a waiting game till this happens again. This has happened a good 10 times now to me over the past 3 or 4 days.

    I use a Corsair K70 keyboard on Windows 10.

    I’ve tried moving the keyboard usb to new port, any other port infact on my PC but it doesn’t help.

    Any tips, help, assistance is much appreciated and I hope there is something I can do. I loooooove the game and want to keep playing, but if I can’t even pause/un-pause the game then that’s a pretty big hurdle.

    Is there a pause/un-pause button in game I am missing?!?!?!

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    Side note
    I disconnected my Corsair K70 and plugged in my old Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard. Worked well for about 1 hour but it eventually also stopped responding.

    When I manually exited the game I could not type in my web browser or any other app. Made sure every steam process was closed in the Task Manager but it made no change. I had to reboot to get they keyboard working again.

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    With the latest beta build installed it seems to be a bit better. Less frequent Keyboard issues (hot keys not working) though it does still happen.

    I’ve been able to reliably ALT+TAB out of the game as well, so that’s no longer an issue.

    Re-naming Mercs is a bit wonky though. I can’t delete more than 1 letter at a time. I have to delete a letter, then save, ten re-open, then delete another letter, then save, then re-open over and over to rename say Bjorn to be Barney. Minor stuff I know but still.

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