Topic: Kraken fight, tentacles not dying.

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    I’ve given it half a dozen tries at this point, and every time has the same outcome. When fighting the Kraken, the tentacles will at some point stop dying, thus rendering the boss unkillable. Their death animation goes through, but the unit remains on the same tile and remains on near death. On the same turn as the death animation, the tooltip will also stop working, and only show the top part of the border, without any text or information.

    I’m attaching the save file, and the HTML log. The issue seems obvious looking at the log-file, when a tentacle dies it gives this message “Script error – The index “isDying” does not exist”.

    Guess that means my savefile is bricked? I’m guessing there is no way to retroactively fix this?

    Edit: seems I’m not allowed to add multiple files to the post.

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    your not the only one this is happeneing to i have the same problem bro tried like 7 times same problem it seems to happen randomly cause once i got him half health and it did it another was right before he died and some times it just happens right of the bat so you have my vouch

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    The issue has been fixed for the update later today. Thanks for reporting this, nontheless.

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