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    * I already sent an email to you yesterday, with the same ID Arkham, if you saw the email already, do not bother to see this thread. The reason I write this thread is that I am not sure whether you are still managing the email box at present:)

    Dear Mr/Ms,

    Good day!

    Just bought this fabulous game yesterday, and try very hard to get started for the whole day, however I could not launch from the very first time to the end of the day.

    There are two video cards in my laptop, the OpenGL version of my AMD card is 4.4. I even tried to open the game from the AMD driven software, please see attached.

    It is reproducible, surely.

    Please see the screenshot, dx.diag, log.html, attached.

    I followed your launch guide thread in the steam discussion, from top to the bottom, which does not work, sadly.

    Never happened in my past years game experience, so I come to your help, I really want to play this fabulous game.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Many thanks,

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    Hi, I recognize the log.html is prevented to upload, so I make a RAR file for it, please see the attachment:)

    Avatar photoArkham

    rar is also prevented, please see the log.html in my email, thanks!

    Avatar photoArkham

    Just figure it out.

    1. Close anti-virus software
    2. After that, test the completion of game files

    One or two files were blocked by the anti-virus software while downloading and completion test before.

    Finally, I am able to experience this amazing game:)

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