Topic: Lindwurm Swamp freeze

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    I had to fight three lindwurms in a swamp and when the first lindwurm hat to move, the game froze. Maybe the cannot calculate a path through the swamp.

    Update: The game always freezes upon the first turn of the lindwurms. Terrain doesn’t matter.

    Avatar photoLucyNova

    I’ve just had this same bug the first time fighting lindwurms in two consecutive ironman games, which is effectively a softlock as far as I can tell.

    Avatar photoLucyNova

    Potential solution – after removing the following mods the freeze no longer occurred:

    – Faster with Pause
    – Print Fearsome

    I also removed a modpack zip file (which itself was not a mod, it just contained mod files) from the data folder.

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