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    Can we field or buy horses to create cavalry. Since we have goblin wolfriders, they can work just the same, where the horse dies or rider dies. If the rider dies, then horse runs away, since I don’t think horses would fight like wolves. This could add a lot more choices and buying options in the game such as lances, armor for the horses, and different breeds of horses. This could let us create a riding skill for our characters which we can choose to upgrade or not. This might seem a bit out there, but I also thought maybe mercs could also use wolves as well to ride into battle. Cavalry could also have the ability to stun by charging from a reasonable distance like 3 to 4 tiles, similar to how the orcs charge.

    I think maybe magic could have a place in this game and add some depth to the combat. Magic could have big area of effect, but high chances of missing or just not casting, as my idea of magic would be very strong (not OP one shot) but inaccurate. To train in magic, it could be the first level up perk, so not everyone can just be a wizard. This could provide a lot of buying choices and depth to the game, as there could be different staffs or books which improve damage or accuracy. There could also be different fields, you can have your own necromancer, pyromancer, healer, etc. I don’t know if this is the vision that the developers had, but I don’t think magic is something too radical in a game like this.

    Foreign or Exotic Mercs
    So this idea is kind of inspired by M&B, where you can walk into a tavern and buy a merc from a completely foreign/distant unknown land (Eastern European, Middle Eastern,Asian, Viking) and they could bring with them their own type of special gear, unique to them (you can’t just steal it from them) and maybe their own special ability. I just thought it could be a fun idea. Also in the Tavern, there could be a foreign merchant, where you can buy armor and weapons from distant lands, again probably inspired by Eastern Europe,Middle East or Asia, and it would be stronger/weaker, but definitely more expensive than the ones available in the armory or weapon smith. I was hoping to keep this within the realm of reasonable belief and seeing how life in this game is in a fantastical western european world, I prefer we see no samurai, since people are probably thinking it. So when I say Asian, I mean Steppe to maybe Korea (stretching it). Just a personal thing there, cause if I saw a bunch of samurai it would ruin my immersion. And obviously we shouldn’t call these foreign factions by what the actually countries they’re inspired from, probably give them a unique fitting name.

    Faction Events/Politics/ Diplomacy
    I feel like the politics in the game RIGHT NOW, is pretty weak. The only benefit of being very friendly or allied with a faction seems to be access to T3 quests with bigger payouts. To add to the dynamics of the game, I think that the different factions should occasionally war with each other and you can find out by some traveler in the streets. Or big events driven by the factions personalities could happen. For example, I know that there is a faction that had a history of fighting orks, so they could call all mercs to kill as many greenskins as possible with a large payout for every head., and you can cash in at one of their owned villages or forts. Also do we have the option to raid neutral villages as a mercenary, cause if there is I don’t know how, and if there isn’t I think that should be part of the game. Additionally maybe if you build enough relations to allied with a neutral village you can claim it, then you can start your own faction? Then the possibilities from their could be endless, pay a necromancer or ork warband to raid or fight off opposing factions, so orks and the undead could be more than just enemies. Have a disowned noble which you hired lead his own army and give him his own village or fort, a lot of things could jump off of this. Although combat could be a bit tedious, as controlling large armies or warbands would take a long time for a single battle to play out. To be completely honest, the whole kingdom aspect for me is not all that well thought out, so the implementation could be difficult and may not fit the play style of this game.

    Basically these are my ideas which I thought would be cool or add enjoyment to the game. I would love for the developers to maybe read these ideas and consider them. then hopefully implement them?

    Avatar photoAdamTheGreat

    A more immersive form of diplomacy and politics is on its way. Houses will have purpose and I’m fairly certain wars in between houses will happen. However forts and towns will remain entirely AI-controlled. Being able to own your own land would defeat the purpose of a travelling mercenary band. The exotic merc idea is interesting, but I agree giving them an ethnicity found in OUR world would be silly because this is a fantasy game. Magic is a little iffy. The game isn’t an arms race, you are always supposed to have an opponent stronger than you. Becoming equal and above all of your enemies would make the game boring. For cavalry, I’m pretty sure I read that the Devs did not like the idea. It would be a bit harder to implement, although I personally like the idea, especially to improve travel time.

    Avatar photoCahyahte

    Apparently there already is magic in the game, I fought a goblin shaman, and I only saw one of its abilities. It has an aoe root effect. So adding traveling merc wizards I think isnt something too far off anymore

    Avatar photoTeut

    I say be careful with (more) magical elements, especially spells. I know it’s a fantasy setting with the above mentioned goblin shaman and undead, but please keep these things rare so they remain special.

    A few more creatures to fight on the “Hunt down what terrorises X” missions would be nice though, maybe wild boars and whatnot. (I’m only getting direwolfes on my current +300 days playthrough, not once the bandits)

    Avatar photoNebuchadnezza

    Just going to rattle off a few ideas as I’ve played it recently and they occurred to me.

    *Comparing Weapons and Armour – when you mouse over it shows you stats for the weapon but not the one equipped – be nice to see them side by side.
    *Base? Maybe heal quicker etc, could get would/stone/gems/salt whatever to build your own areas as a base for Mercs – maybe training facility. Wolfs Den style.
    *Specialised paths for Mercs through dialogue maybe? Scouts to increase sight range on world map, Blacksmith to help improve armour, Healer to heal etc.
    *At the moment it’s a very steep jump from vagabonds to Orcs etc – not much variation in between so definitely want more different enemies.
    * More rare items. Maybe also potions or dialog options to give permanent increases to stats etc.
    * More interactions with the different factions and more missions.
    * Overwatch – similar to spear wall but like, arrow overwatch etc.

    Otherwise, really solid game so far anyway – but could be so much more! Play JA/JA2 again :)

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