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    Since the announcement of the big update coming end of february I might wonder:
    Are you guys planning some different languages for the game? Is somebody working on this?

    If yes – awesome!
    If no – would you accept any help by the community?

    I wanted to create a german wiki and realised there is no german version yet(?)
    Would offer myself as a voluntary translator!

    Avatar photoRap

    We’d like to support additional languages further down the road but won’t be able to do so anytime soon. Reasons are resource constraints and the game still being in a very fluid state where we constantly change out texts and try different things. The fact that many texts in the game are procedurally generated also doesn’t make translations any easier. No promises here, localisations may or may not come.

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    Avatar photoBananenbaum

    Sure, I get that. Better concentrate on the important things and think about translations later on.

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